Mural by David Steinhardt for an outdoor party Outdoor paintings by David Steinhardt (including faux wood planking)
Having a party? This mid-peninsula couple invited their friends to a party with a New Zealand theme. In addition to real live sheep, Maori dancers, and a rugby team, they had David Steinhardt paint a hundred feet of faux planking to cover their brick walkways, paint backdrops with indigenous animal and bird species, depict a Maori canoe, and create a vertical mural showing the landscape around Auckland, plus a semicircular floor covering full of Hector’s dolphins, which are found with their distinctive round black fins only around New Zealand. The guests wandered through this bright, contemporary realist terrain, were greeted by their hosts on the faux wood deck in front of the canoe, and were led by ushers down stairs to the party area. A wonderful time was had by all.

The cheerful mural, with sailboats in mid-distance, was taken off its frame and installed on a wall in the family gym. Something to look at while sweating off the pounds!

Photograpy: JW Diehl

New Zealand fauna
Hooker's sea lions: 6' 6" x 8'
Maori canoe: 27" x 20'. Faux plank patio: 14' x 20'
Hoiho penguins (detail): 18" vertical
Dunes foliage: 2' 6" x 15'
New Zealand dotterels (detail): 18" vertical
Hector's dolphins, courtyard floor: 15' x 35'. Side walls: 18" x 18'. Auckland harbor with sailboats: 10' 6" x 13' 6"
Detail of side walls.
Auckland Harbor (detail). Hector's Dolphins.


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