Creating a mural involves several steps.


The mural starts by talking with the client about what they have in mind. I have painted murals where the client points to a wall, floor, or ceiling, and says, “Do something there.” I have painted murals where the clients have designed it themselves and merely want someone skilled with a brush to do the painting. The best work comes about as a result of collaboration. During the initial free consultation I will look at the space where the mural is to be, the environment and any architectural features that I think should be reflected, and try to get a sense of what will make you happy. During this consultation the client should be prepared to talk about any artists they particularly like, any inspirations they have, show photos of anything they want included, and generally give me the most detailed idea they can about what they want. I like to keep in mind that once the mural is finished I will be on to other projects, and you will be looking at the mural every day for many years. A commissioned work of art invites as much participation as you care to give it.


At the end of the consultation, if you agree, I will take measurements and photos, will give you an estimate, and will have you sign a contract and give a deposit for preliminary artwork. This often involves a token amount of $200 per mural, but can be more if the project is complex.


I will do 1-3 concept paintings that are quite detailed and allow you to judge whether the mural is going in the right direction. Once the small scale art is approved, we sign a detailed mural contract including a description, a due date and payment schedule, and move to step 4.


This will proceed in one of two ways. Many murals in the home are painted directly on the wall. I will give you a work schedule and try my best to work sequentially on projects, that is, I will work on nothing else but your mural until it is finished. For ceiling murals, and for murals in businesses, I usually do the work on lightweight canvas in my studio and have it installed. The installation and touch up usually require at most two days, and this minimizes disruption to the business, and to my neck in the case of ceiling murals.


I take a fine arts approach to the painting, meaning that I apply paint in several layers, and use compositions that go beyond decorative painting into the realm of fine art. Nearly all the work is performed by me personally, although I occasionally work with a highly skilled assistant.


Once the final art is approved, I apply a single coat of matte varnish to interior murals, and two coats to exterior murals, and the art is yours to enjoy.