How much does a mural cost?
There are so many variables involved with a custom mural that it is difficult give even an approximate cost without a consultation. However, you can use as a rule of thumb the figure $90 per square foot. Highly detailed murals, murals requiring installation, and classical murals can be more. Other murals might be less.

Do you do the work yourself?
I do nearly all of the painting myself. If the client authorizes the use of an assistant, I will sometimes hire an appropriate, highly skilled local artist to help with a project.

How long does it take to paint?
That varies with style and content, but I generally will complete about 12 square feet per day, meaning that an average home mural of 60-100 square feet will take 5-8 days. Use of an assistant can shorten this time.

Do you do faux finishes?
I am strictly a pictorial artist, and I can recommend excellent decorative painters to help you with borders, stenciling, and faux finishes.

Can I paint on any surface?
Yes. Most murals are painted on interior or exterior wood or plaster or drywall. Some of these walls are far from smooth. I have special primers that will adhere to nearly every surface, and have also worked on brick and rough concrete.

What kind of paint do you use?
I use a variety of primers depending on the surface. I use Benjamin Moore paints for background colors, and use Nova brand muralist’s acrylics for the art work. For studio work, such as ceiling murals painted on canvas, I paint using artists oil colors for their greater versatility

How long will my mural last?
The paints I use are of very high quality and the main enemy of good paint is bright sunlight. There is no reason for an interior mural to fade, and it should last as long as the wall it’s painted on, although an interior mural may benefit from a cleaning after 20-30 years. Exterior murals will suffer noticeable fading in 5-10 years, depending on how much sun they get.