When Justin and Deborah Baldwin finished constructing their new home above the Justin Winery in Paso Robles, CA, they knew a classical theme on several ceilings would tie together the architecture and furnishings. The family asked David Steinhardt to bring the Old World elegance and vibrancy of classically themed murals to three of the ceilings on the top floor.

  Steinhardt spent three weeks reviewing the works and themes of Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical masters and doing copies of their work before beginning his own small-scale studies. The end result was a set of ceilings worthy of the Louvre. The three pieces, a combination of figures adapted from old masters and figures of Steinhardt’s own creation, were painted on canvas and installed on the ceilings.

Pictured above is a view from the ground floor through a spiral staircase. This mural, depicting Dawn riding her chariot across the sky while Night slumbers and others look up in awe and adoration, derives from Baroque French style. The image to the left shows a detail from this complex mural.

Pictured above is a mural installed on a barrel ceiling above the sinks in the master bathroom, 12´ long by 11´ across the arch. On one side is a copy of Annibale Carracci’s mannerist mural Triumph of Bacchus. On the other side is a scene of Steinhardt’s own creation, depicting a more restrained revelry centered around the playing of music. All instruments are authentic to the Renaissance era.
Pictured to the right is a 9´ diameter hemisphere dome above the spa in the master bathroom, with a water theme, depicting nymphs on a rising wave.


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